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One-stop-destination to get Agricultural Solutions like Pesticides and Fertilizers, Agro Organic Fertilizer, Agro Bio Fertilizer  used to enrich the plant. 

When FARMADIL INDIA LLP observed that the rising demand for natural and organic crop farming necessitated a greater emphasis on offering an Organic solution to promote soil nutrition, we set out to create a company that would do just that manufacture, supply, and export agricultural goods. Organic Fertilizers Granules are provided by FARMADIL INDIA LLP as a chemical fertilizer substitute. Compared to chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizer granules produce more effective outcomes and make land more productive. We encourage farmers to lessen their reliance on chemical fertilizers and instead turn to organic fertilizers to ensure a brighter and healthier future.

Fertilizers in many ways promotes or enhances the growth of crops due to the presence of nutritive plant elements like nitrogen, phosphates and potassium and therefore, our aim is to make these enriched agro solutions accessible to every farmer. We keep the prices of our products low as compared to our competitors so that the farmers can easily afford and use it during the farming process. We are getting good response from our customers right from our incorporation and so we supply our products not only in India but foreign market as well.

How Important are Fertilizers and Other Agro Solutions?

Plant or crop growth is always affected by the lack of moisture, sand ingredients, presence of pests and bacteria and other such elements and thereby, to provide a full proteins to the plant for their productive growth and to keep them protected from pests use of fertilizers and pesticides becomes a necessity. Fertilizers enrich the soil from its roots and provides all the requisite plant nutrients that leads plant growth. While some agro solutions are directly injected in the soil, others are either sprayed or mixed with water depending on its properties. 

Quality Conformation Process

As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, our responsibility is to make sure that the pesticides, fertilizers and other agro solutions we deliver in the market match with the international standards of quality. Thereby, we have adopted to the total quality management policy in which the quality of the products is checked at every single stage of production beginning with the testing of the ingredients and chemicals to be used. In the end, when the product is ready the testing of the agro solutions is done on the parameters like:

  • pH value
  • Effectiveness
  • Water solubility
  • Shelf-value
  • Nutrients (nitrogen, phosphates and potassium) value and many other.
"We are dealing in bulk quantity."