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Organic Granule Fertilizer

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Ummid Plus Organic NPK and DAP fertilizer

Price: 7.50 - 11.00 INR/Metric Ton

Organic DAP Granules made from finest Bentonite, Dolomite, Amino Acid, Humic Acid,Bonemeal Powder and many more natural Ingredients which provides Better Root and Plant Growth

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Farma Grow Phosphate Rich Organic Manure

Price: 15.00 - 30.00 INR/Kilograms

FARMA-GROW PROM- Phosphate rich organic manure is a type of fertilizer used as an alternative to Diammonium phosphate and single super phosphate. FARMA-GROW PROM is produced by co-composting of high grade rock phosphate and Bentonite Powder with organic manure such as Compost, Vermi-compost, Cow dung, Soy meal, domestic kitchen waste etc. it provides Phosphorous to the crops during Development Stage of the crops. Phosphorus is required by all plants but is limited in soil, creating a problem in agriculture In many areas phosphorus must be added to soil for the extensive plant growth that is desired for crop production.

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Soil Conditioner Granule

Price: 5000-5800 INR/Metric Ton
  • Physical State:Granular
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20 05 20 Ca Mg S Granule

Price: 5500-6800 INR/Metric Ton
  • Physical State:Granular
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Organic NPK Granules

Price: 8000.00 - 9900.00 INR/Metric Ton
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
  • Supply Ability:40 Per Day
  • Release Type:Slow
  • Classification:Organic Fertilizer
  • Storage:Cool and Dry Place away from Direct sunlight and Children
  • Type:Manure
  • Color:Other
  • Physical State:Granular
  • Application:Agriculture
  • Chemical Name:Other
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Organic DAP Granules

Price: 8000.00 - 9900.00 INR/Ton
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Phosphate Rich Organic manure

Price: 7500-8200 INR/Metric Ton
  • Physical State:Granular
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Bio Potash

Price: 6800-9200 INR/Metric Ton
  • Supply Ability:40 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:2 Days

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