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Micro Nutrient Fertilizer

The MICRO NUTRIENT FERTILIZER is offered by us that contains traces of elements like boron, copper, manganese, zinc, and cobalt, and plants require these substances in small quantities. Many micronutrient fertilizer products are available in the market, and due to their low requirement, they are usually applied along with NPK fertilizers. Fertilizer can be used on any plant and it can safely be called a general-purpose fertilizer. It has micronutrients in the form of small pellets to help the land better support growing plants. MICRO NUTRIENT FERTILIZER is very effective.  
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Mix Micro Nutrient Granules

Price: 12000-18000 INR/Metric Ton
  • Physical State:Granular
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Mix Micro Nutrient Powder

Price: 15-22 INR/Metric Ton
  • Physical State:Powder

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